Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Only a short 20-minute drive from Nag Shampa Estate are the famous rice terraces of Bali. Tegallalang is well known for its’ breathtaking and picturesque working rice fields. Take a moment and step back in time to the simpler traditions of days gone by. Great photo opportunities and also a chance for some shopping too, with stalls of lacework and handicrafts

Local Temple Visits

Pura Agung Gunung Raung

This Temple is located in the exact center or heart of Bali. Dedicated to the Sun, it is said this is one of the most important Temples in all of Bali. The Sun Temple is a symbol of the mighty Mt Agung, Bali’s largest and active volcano. There are many large and extravagant ceremonies held here which you may be lucky enough to witness.

Gunung Kawi Temple

This unique Temple is made up of ten shrines in the form of statues, all carved into the natural rock. A steep climb to reach the Temple is rewarded by the superb views from the top.

Basket Weaving and Offering (Canang) making

Spend the morning or afternoon with locals making traditional Balinese baskets to take home (better than the ones you will find in the markets!) Offerings, or Canang, make up a huge part of Balinese daily life. Learn the relaxing art of making your own offerings and carry on the tradition at home

Cooking Class

Welcome to our home kitchen and learn from the locals. Our Taro girls will teach you easy and nourishing Balinese dishes, handed down to them through generations. Much of our produce is grown organically in our own garden and picking fresh before class is part of the fun.



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